AgileDNA: Agile Software in Cincinnati

Agile Software Development

The Problem is that software projects still deliver an unacceptable level of quality and responsiveness. Part of the reason for this is the industrial-era Scientific Management approach. Part of the reason for this is the programming culture that grows up around a language...

Agile software development provides information-era management: Reduce Cycle-time and start expecting zero defects.

But the cultural issues and organizational structures remain extraordinarily difficult to deal with. Some hope may be appearing in a new programming language (and more importantly programming culture) Ruby.  Ruby at it's core includes an agile way of development.  Agile was not merely added onto Ruby after the fact like it was for J2EE (and .NET).

The promise of applying Agile-Thinking to Software development is available now. It consists of an Agile Processes like Scrum and ExtremeProgramming (XP) , and a deeply Object Oriented environment and culture. All of these are currently available.

Beating the competition only requires putting them all together.


- Mark Windholtz